Community Activities Group
of Old Ottawa East (CAG)

Our Mandate


The Community Activities Group of Old Ottawa East (CAG) is a not-for-profit, community-based organization that works in partnership with the City of Ottawa to provide the residents of Ottawa East with programming, recreation, and special event opportunities that are local, affordable, inclusive and of interest to members of our community.

For the Community by the Community

CAG responds to the needs of the community and strives to offer programs that appeal to children, youth, adults and seniors. CAG’s programming includes, but is not limited to, sports, fitness, and the arts. CAG events and programming aims to reflect the diverse nature of our community.


CAG accomplishes our mandate with our partners. Our partnership with the City of Ottawa provides us with knowledge, support, and facilities. These facilities include Old Town Hall, the Brantwood field house, the Brantwood rink, and the community parks. Our events are made possible because of support and involvement from our local businesses and organizations.

CAG is extremely grateful for their continued support.

Our community partners are:

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Our Story

CAG works with community members, instructors and partners to offer a range of activities for all ages - from playgroups for babies and preschoolers, to recreational child care programs for school-age children, to fitness, sports and general interest programs for children and adults, and free community events that offer opportunities for community engagement and volunteering, and a program of activities that are of interest to all community members.

The community of Old Ottawa East is located on either side of Main Street, east of the Canal, west of the Rideau River, south of Sandy Hill and north of Old Ottawa South. It encompasses the area that was once the Village of Ottawa East. Main Street was the main street of the village and the name remained after it was annexed to the City of Ottawa because Ottawa had no other Main Street in 1907.


CAG programs, events and activities take place at:

  • Old Town Hall Community Center, 61 Main Street

  • Brantwood Park, Fieldhouse and Skating Rink, 39 Onslow Crescent

  • Springhurst Park, 24 Brunswick Street


Meet The Team


Lee Jacobs

Executive Director

  • Lee Jacobs