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CAG Room Rentals


Room Rentals are available at Old Town Hall (61 Main Street) and the Brantwood Park Fieldhouse (39 Onslow Crescent) for meetings, social gatherings, seasonal events, clubs, art classes, music and dance classes, rehearsals, and the spaces are suitable for many other programs and events. 


Rentals are available for one-time events and reoccurring or seasonal events.

We offer competitive rates for non-profit organizations and commercial rates are negotiable if the rental is open to the general public and brings a program/event to the community that compliments those provided by CAG.

Steps for Renting a Room with CAG

Step 1 - Read all of the information on this page

Step 2 - Download, complete, and submit (by email) the Rental Request Form back to CAG

Step 3 - Receive - Review -  Sign and return the CAG Room Rental Contract back to CAG
               (please review and keep Appendix A - Terms and Conditions for your records)

Step 4 - Confirm that you have User Group Insurance or purchase the optional insurance from CAG
               (please note: events involving alcohol MUST have 2 million liability insurance coverage)

Step 5 - Pay the rental fee (or deposit if required) on or before the day of your rental

Step 6 - Optional Step: If you plan on having alcohol at your event you must get a Special Occasion       

               Permit (SOP) from the LCBO in advance of your event. (Please provide a copy of the permit to CAG!)

Step 7 - Enjoy Your Event!

Step 8 - Please Leave the Facility As You Found It (please take home any excessive garbage from your event)

Step 9 - Provide us with feedback about how your rental with CAG went!

General CAG Room Rental Process and Terms

(a complete Appendix A - Terms and Conditions is provided with your contract)

  • A Rental Request Form must be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the proposed rental date (please note: we have a 3-hour rental minimum for most private rentals).

  • A Rental Contract will be written and must be signed and submitted before the rental date.

  • CAG may require a financial deposit to secure your date/time for a rental.

  • Your rented facility will open 15 minutes before the contracted rental period (e.g. 7:15 p.m. for a 7:30 p.m. rental).

  • Your rented facility must be vacated at the end of the rental period or an additional fee may be charged in 30-minute increments at $26.58/30 minutes.

  • The rented facility is to be left clean and tidy, with any kitchenware used to be washed and put away.

  • The Contract Holder (the name on the contract) must attend the event for which the contract is issued and this person is responsible for all decision-making during and after the event.

  • For additional kitchenware, tables, specialty chairs, and other specific items for your event CAG recommends that you rent from a local party service provider. It is very important to make arrangements with CAG staff for any rental drop-offs and pickups as our buildings are not always open and appointments for this must be made in advance.

  • No cancellation refunds will be provided within two weeks of the event and there will be no weather cancellations accepted.

Peanut/Nut/Sesame Free Facilities


The Brantwood Park Fieldhouse and Old Town Hall are peanut, nut, and sesame-free facilities as we have children with these life-threatening allergies. Please do not bring items containing these ingredients into our facilities. (no exceptions)

Rental Questions?

For questions about CAG rentals please email Rentals @

Ready to Rent?

You can download the Rental Request here. Please complete the form and email it back to

Please Note: As Old Town Hall and the Brantwood Park Fieldhouse are not staffed for regular hours (like many other community centers!). All rentals are offered on staff and room availability. The demand for rentals is currently very high and staffing is challenging so please try to provide 2 or more weeks of lead time when submitting your Rental Request Form.

CAG Room Rentals Options


1. Old Town Hall (61 Main Street, Ottawa, ON, K1S 1B3)

What is Available?

  • Two rooms (which can be rented separately or together)

  • Fully Accessible Washrooms on the First Floor are shared by both floors

  • A fenced-in outdoor play area

  • Splash pad (summer only)

1a. First Floor (1 room)

  • Capacity of standing 45 seated and 40

  • The 1st-floor room is fully accessible

  • Access to a full kitchen

  • Access to a covered deck area

  • Fully accessible washrooms

1b. Second Floor (1 room)

  • Capacity of 55 seated and 74 standing  

  • The 2nd-floor room is not fully accessible

  • Large open space suitable for up-to 8 x 6-foot round tables 

  • Access to a galley kitchen with bar fridge and running water

  • Fully accessible washrooms downstairs (1st Floor)

2. Brantwood Park Fieldhouse (39 Onslow Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K1S 1G3)

What is Available?

  • One (1) room that is fully accessible

  • Kitchen with full-sized fridge, microwave, hotplates, full sinks, and dishwasher

  • Change room (for skating in winter, swimming in summer at City of Ottawa run wading pool)

  • Accessible Washrooms

  • Toys for Children 1-4 yrs old

  • Gymnastic mats

  • Standard chairs

  • 4 x 6ft tables and table clothes

  • 3 child-height 4 ft tables

  • 20 child chairs

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