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How to Generate a Tax Receipt for Your Child's CAG Activities 

As of 2023, all of CAG's activities are managed (registration, payment, receipts) through the Amilia SmartRec system. 


This means that you can generate your tax receipt for the past year by following the following process:

Click here for information on accessing your original CAG activities/events purchase receipts and invoices.

1. Go to Amilia and login into your account with the username and login that you used to register your child(ren) for the CAG activities.
2. You now have access to your home page.
3. Go to the Black Menu on the left.
4. Click on the Purchases.
5. Choose CAG from the Organization drop-down option.
6. You may need to adjust the date filters to find what you want.
7. You will now see everything you’ve paid for divided by participant.
8. Choose the person, then the activity and scroll to the right.
9. Click blue invoice number
10. Scroll to the right and click view.
11. Click on view/print original.

Please contact if you are having trouble accessing the information you need.

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