Pilates (Fall 2021)

September 15th - December 8th (13 weeks) Online

  • Started Sep. 15
  • $136
  • Online

Service Description

Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:00 pm (Beginner/Intermediate) This class is for everybody - a class that either introduces you to Pilates or takes you further into your understanding of your own Pilates practice. The first few classes will cover the fundamentals and highlight safety modifications for those with sore backs, necks or shoulders. As the course continues, the more experienced clients will work on deepening their technique while the beginners continue to improve on their basic moves. No matter what your level you will experience a better workout and receive personal corrections to keep you moving towards your own perfectly developed balanced body. Instructor: Pam Forth is a well-known Pilates teacher in Ottawa having over 25 years of training and experience in the fields of dance, Pilates, osteopathy, Yoga Tune-up © and soma-therapy. Pam has over 18 years of teaching experience top-level certification with world renowned Dianne Miller. She opened her downtown Insert photo studio in Ottawa, called FORTH PILATES, in 2001 which was very successful and allowed her to start a teacher’s training program that has certified many Pilates teachers in Ottawa and around the world. It is her passion for movement and dedication to continue the lifelong study of the human body that inspires and captivates so many of her clients