Hatha Yoga (Winter 2022)

January 8 - March 26 (1 weeks) In-person No program February 12th

  • Starts Jan. 8, 2022
  • $154

Service Description

Balance mind and body with physical exercises or “asanas"; controlled breathing and the calming of the mind through relaxation. This class is suitable for both new enthusiasts as well as the more experienced. The postures and breath increase strength and flexibility, improve posture, reduce stress, and leave the participant feeling more youthful and energized. Building inner and outer strength while applying principles of alignment, this class allows students to stay safe and feel challenged, yet successful. In this yoga class, you will discover classic asana sequences, detailed instruction, and breathing and mindfulness techniques. The postures presented in this series are powerful, fluid and will help to safely and effectively enhance your strength, flexibility and balance. Instructor: Yuko Suzuki