ELDOA (Winter 2022)

January 14th - March 25th (11 weeks), Online

  • Started Jan. 14
  • $115
  • Online

Service Description

Fridays: 8:00 - 9:00 am (Beginner/Intermediate) Please note: this class will be delivered via pre-recorded sessions during the month of February 2022. In this class, you will re-align your spine and decompress the discs between each vertebrae! With practice and patience you can regain any height you may have loss over time, improve posture, and ease pain in your neck, back and hips. ELDOA is a French acronym which translates in English to LOAD’s (longitudinal osteo articular decompression). Postures are held for ~ one minute that target each segment of the spine. Join Pamela in learning these great postures that can unlock the key toreleasing the tension build up your body has held for years! Instructor: Pamela Forth learned about the amazing benefits and results of ELDOA during her soma-therapy certification with world renowned Osteopath Guy Voyer.